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"Me and my Girl"

We are 60 music-loving teenagers and young adults - almost all from Baden-Württemberg - who have staged a musical on our own initiative in 2023. Over the past few months, we have succeeded in gaining numerous supporters for our project - both financially and in terms of content - who have made it possible for us to realize the project.

The aim of the project is to give young people the opportunity to get creative again after the tough and, for many, psychologically stressful years of the pandemic and to design a major music project themselves.

Two things are particularly important to us: firstly, the responsibility lies exclusively in our hands, so we not only take care of the active part of the production (music, dance and acting), but also the entire organization and the work in the background (such as set design and construction, props, costumes, technology, etc.) and the direction. Moritz Pfister, a 19-year-old, is also responsible for the organizational and musical project management. This responsibility provides a very unique insight into the literal work "behind the scenes" and each and every one of us makes a decisive contribution to the final result, far beyond simply playing a role or an instrument, and thus has the opportunity to learn, grow and develop personally.

Secondly, the high standard of our performances is of course also a key concern for us. And as we are not fully trained professionals ourselves, we have enlisted the support of professional coaches for the content implementation, who continuously equip us with the necessary skills to be able to realize a production at this level.


'Me and My Girl' is Bill Snibson and his Sally Smith, a young couple from the working-class district of Lambeth in London. But when Bill, who grew up without parents, learns that his recently deceased father was the Earl of Hareford and thus an extremely wealthy man whom he is now to inherit, their lives change drastically. While Bill is partly despised and partly ridiculed in the aristocratic family, his aunt Maria, Duchess of Dene, and Sir John, a family friend, are asked to check whether he is "fit and worthy" to take over the inheritance - and they don't quite agree. In the oh-so-subtle and seemingly perfect world of the nobility, two bitter camps are suddenly pitted against each other in a battle for the future of the family that puts Bill and Sally's love to the test.


In September 2023, we have already staged "Me and My Girl" six times very successfully, which gives us the opportunity to go on tour with our program in summer 2024. In addition to three final guest performances in Germany (in Meinerzhagen, Reutlingen and Mannheim), the play will also be performed in Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland as part of our European tour.

Dates for the tour will follow shortly...

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We have compiled some impressions of our performances in our press kit.

Me and my Girl | Kettenheimer Hof e.V. | 2023