Musical direction, stage direction and organization

Moritz Pfister

Having grown up with a lot of music, he wanted to learn an instrument himself from the age of three, so his parents asked around and, by chance, came across the Suzuki method of playing the violin. Right from the start, he had the chance to give free rein to his musicality by listening and playing without the "hassle" of learning sheet music.

Since then, his life has revolved around music, reading music came naturally and after a few years he added the piano to his violin and self-taught himself on numerous other instruments. He also attended seminars at the German Conductors' Academy while at school.

Thanks to his lively musical activities in various orchestras, choirs, ensembles and with the Classic Scouts of Heidelberger Frühling, he was able to draw on a large network of talented amateur musicians early on, which he initially used to found the Kettenheimer Hof Orchestra in 2019. Later, when the first ideas for a musical production matured during the Corona period, he also found many committed comrades-in-arms early on!